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Dongjin Lee is a Professor of the Department of Automotive Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Joint Appointment), and Future Mobility at Hanyang University. He is interested in developing robust numerical methods and algorithms for uncertainty quantification and design under uncertainty for a complex engineering system. He focuses on AI-based surrogate modeling, multifidelity modeling, uncertainty quantification, and data-driven design optimization. These methods aim to accelerate the design process while improving the reliability and safety of a system across a wide range of multidisciplinary applications, including battery electric vehicles, fuel cell electric vehicles, advanced air mobility, super/hypersonic aircraft, combustion energy systems, and more.  
기계 시스템은 실제 사용 환경과 공정 과정에서 발생하는 불확실성 변수에 영향을 받습니다. 이에 따라 기계 시스템의 성능과 수명이 설계안과는 크게 다를 수 있습니다. 한양대학교 RED(Reliability Engineering & Design Lab) 연구실은 기계 시스템의 실제 성능과 수명을 인공지능 및 기계학습 기반 첨단통계기법을 개발하여 정확하게 예측하고 설계에 반영하는 연구를 수행하고 있습니다. 이러한  첨단 신뢰성 공학 및 설계 연구를 통해 기계 시스템의 품질보장, 사용자의 시스템에 대한 신뢰성 개선 그리고 지속 가능한 기계 시스템 운영을 추구합니다. RED 연구실은 수년간의 산업에서 쌓은 설계 및 해석 기술을 바탕으로 자동차에서 발전소의 연소기 설계에 이르는 넓은 범위에서 연구를 수행하고 있습니다.  


May 28, 2024

Professor Sharif Rahman (he was my Ph.D. advisor at UIOWA) will be presenting our work on "A Generalized Polynomial Chaos Expansion for High-Dimensional Design Optimization under Dependent Random Variables" at the Engineering Mechanics Institute and Pr...

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Apr 18, 2024

Master's student Hojun Choi will present his work titled "Generalized polynomial chaos expansion for data-driven uncertainty quantification" at the COSEIK annual conference in Jeju island.

Mar 2, 2024

In collaboration with Prof. Seongmin Chang (Chungnam National Univ.) and Prof. Jaehun Lee (Dongguk Univ.), our paper titled "Generalized polynomial chaos expansion (GPCE) by reanalysis using static condensation based on substructing" will appear in App...

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Feb 29, 2024

Professor Boris Kramer (he was my postdoc advisor at UCSD) presented our work on "Multifidetliy Risk Assessment for Nonlinear Systems under High-Dimensional Dependent Random Variables" at the SIAM Uncertainty Quantification in Trieste. 

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Assistant Prof. Dongjin Lee

Research areas: design under uncertainty, risk assessment, digital twins


Department of Automotive Engineering

Hanyang University

Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Reserarch Center | Room 417
222 Wangshimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea, 04763


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